Tuesday, November 4, 2008

tag by cpm

Starting time : 01:45 pm
Name : Haryati Abu Bakar
Sisters : 2 eldest sisters (kaklong and ude). I'm the younger
Brothers : Abgngah
Shoe size : 4.5 / 5
Height : 157cm
Where do you live : Ampang
Have you ever been on a plane : Yes (Bosan okeh!)
Swam in the ocean : oh yeh! Tepi2 aje…..
Fallen asleep at school : OF COURSE YES!. Especially mase sekolah asrama dolu, haku rase nasi kat dewan asrama tu letak ubat tido dlm nasi tuh. Selalu kene baling kapur kat muka dgn cikgu, tapi aku tak heran coz ramai yg mcm tu, kekekke…
Broken someone’s heart : yes
Fell off your chair : Rasenye takde…..terpelecok kat tgh2 CM dulu adelah…
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Oh semestinya ade, zaman loving2…..
Saved e-mails : Yeah..
What is your room like : Basic and simple coz space limited + adam baby cot….
What’s right beside you: My handbag
What is the last thing you ate : Karipap (haku wat sendiri, sedappp..)
Chicken pox : Yup, when I was standard 2
Sore throat : Seldom
Stitches : Oh yes!
Broken nose : Never.
Do you Believe in love at first sight : Yup, I believe………
Like picnics : I love it coz bleh masak2. Unfortunately kat Malaysia kene ikut cuaca. Pagi2 kat lake garden pun okeh….
Who was/were…The last person you danced with : My little adam….
Last made you smile : hubby buat lawak dlm kete tadi….
You last yelled at : Adam ( korek dinding then nak masuk mulut, eeeii.. geram tau)
Today did you…to someone you like : YES of course
Kissed anyone : Hubby and Adam

Get sick :Tak mau. Tak best!
Talk to an ex : yup
Miss someone : Yes, everyday I miss adam so much bile I kat ofc…
Who do you really hate: Backstabber, org yg terlalu lembap(sorry memang tak leh tahan dgn org yg lambat) and jewish….
Do you like your hand-writing : Tak, tulisan haku horrible disaster. Betul tak pet?
Are your toe nails painted : Nop…
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : My parent bed, Hotels bed, resort bed…..
What color shirt are you wearing now : black top and brown ladies pant
Are you a friendly person : Maybe…
Do you have any pets : No, saye pemalas nak jage, nak bersih, nak beri mkn. Baik aku layan anak n hubby or shopping.
Do you sleep with the TV on : Yup sometime!
What are you doing right now : Typing
Can you handle the truth : Trying my best
Are you closer to your mother or father : Both.
Do you eat healthy : I love eat healthy food but hubby always contra so aku pun terikut…
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : No at all….
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : My mom and hubby, sometime adam, aku belasah je ngadu nangis2 kat die walaupun adam tak faham…
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : Loud I think
Are you confident : Most of the time but not all the time

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Received 1st hp from abah
2. Masuk uitm and completed my diploma and degree
3. Bercinta
4. Got my own car
5. Married with 1 son

5 things I would do if i were a billionaire:
1. Settle all debts
2. Buy bungalows/ houses for investment
3. Shopping all over the world
4. Perform Hajj with my big families
5. Travel

5 of my bad habits:
1. Nak cepat, sume kene segera, hubby ckp ”sabar yang….”
2. I cant’ wait….
3. Every month mesti nak shopping moping walaupun tengah bulan atau hujung bulan
4. Screaming when adam do something bad eg“bbb… cepat amik adam, die nak ikut I masuk bilik airrrr…..”
5. Lambat update blog kekadang…hahahah…

5 places I’ve lived/living
Ampang shj, shah alam mase bljr uitm, currently pun dok ampang, dah get use dok ampang drpd lahir lagikkk…. Oh ampang dihatiku….

5 people I tag:
1. Pet
2. Kak farah
3. emma mama ryan
4. mimi mama awisy
5. Tod ted ned family

Finish: 2.43pm


Ted said...

ned pun suke korek idung pastu masuk mulut...eww! geram kan?!

precious innocent said...

ha.. mak nampak nama mak...

hu hu.. nnt i buat aaa

-mama emma-