Friday, November 14, 2008

Jigsaw baby

Currently or should i say lately i really2 lost my patience with my litlle adam. He did it almost everytime and i have to blow his face to stop him. I call him "jigsaw baby" because he will bite my ni*ple everytime i breast feed him, aouch...! it really painful!. Yes my little adam hv 4 tooth yg besar, jarang dan tajam dan kesannya amatlah menyakitkan until i scream even cried sometime. Hubby selalu pujuk i, asked me to tolerant with my baby.

During breast feeding session, the first 15 second he breast feed properly, but after that he start play, bite, i scream, he stop, bF back, bite again, i scream and blow his face, he cried and i cried.... i sakit and adam ingat i marah die, i even selawat before he start breast feed and pray to Allah supaya adam BF dgn betul. Aduh sakit kepala saye bile memikirkannya... Takan i nak stop Bf because of that particular reason?. Oh definately the answer no.

I hope adam will Bf properly and no more bite my ni*ple. Oh start from early november which is last week i think, i dint pump at the office anymore. No more pumping gadget to bring to the office everyday. I start introduce adam Formular milk when i'm not at home with him. The first 3 days introduced adam FM was very hard which is he dont want to drink the FM - this is according to my maid. I asked my maid to selawat byk2 when feed him FM. Alhamdulillah berkat doa saye n hubby adam finally drink da FM.

Last but not least i really2 hope that he will stop play bite my ni*ple. Huh.. JIGSAW BABY!


supermummy said... son pulak dia takdela gigit nipple, tapi masalahnya dia suka gentel nipple yg sebelah lagi time dia tgh breastfeeding.kadang2 tu di pulas2 di tarik2 sepanjang2nya..hahah tu yg sakit tu

precious innocent said...

yaya, y u introduce fm kat kodam??

-mama emma-

yaya said...

Parah jugak ye kalau main nipple sebelah camtu....

Ntahlah emma stock susu dah kurang sgt pastu i pump kat ofc pun takde sgt.... I suppose bleh bekerja keras 4 dat but terkejar2 especilly bile ade event or shooting. tapi bile kat rumah i BF him...