Thursday, September 4, 2008


Alhamdulillah,adam recovery from diarrhea.Right now adam sleep inside the room and as usual I am busy blogging at living hall meanwhile hubby enjoy watching AFC channel. Today also i EL and tomorrow friday i will not go to the office bcoz hubby asked me to go back to his mom house a.k.a my MIL house. one night there, and saturday need to rush to pavilion. got sumthing....(will blog about it...)

So 2mrw i'm planning to go to the sogo 1st, coz 2mrw and saturday for sogo members day, more discount for member, actually wanna buy mami poko diapers, murah sgt2. that y kene pi pagi2, mesti cpt abis nanti, so to all mommies go n grab it if u r sogo members at 7th floor. i hope that i can tahan my nafsu 2mrw, (haih! jgn la beli memende lain plak kang).

Okey got to go, and hepy weekend!

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