Friday, August 15, 2008

my last sunday activity....

I woke up early on sunday morning and went to the market alone (taknak kacau hubby tido and let hubby enjoy his sunday morning sleeping). I bought mcm2 actually wanna cook "nasi lemak". i went to my mom house and amik daun pisang and daun pandan. huh enjoy cooking on sunday morning. Nasi lemak, sambal udang, paru goreng, telur, kankung and anchovies. hubby ckp sedap... thanks hubby. Unfortunately no picture taken for my nasi lemak.

Petang, we went to the pool with my sister and her daughter. Oh! abg zainal and noan join us too.
Actually nothing much to story, but i love most of the pictures that i snap and of course my picture takde langsung coz i'm the one who hold the camera. k, enjoy the picturessss...

they enjoy their time together

Naaa... he love to play water!

Oh i love this pic but adam cam ckp "baba ingat kelakar sgt ke wat muke camtu.."

close up

my sista and her daughter maryam and iman, adam peyut buncit cam kenyang sgt...

cutie kiddos

he like a body builder....

hah, so hungry ya after swimming, quiet and keep chew his biscuit

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*sila ikut nada mak2 yg xcited tgk gigi bebudak ha ha*

-mama emma yg gilo pg senin nieh!!-