Saturday, April 19, 2008

i'm crazy with evita peroni product!

wuuuhooo..... yehaaa...... first of all thank you my lovely b for the $ that you give me. I memang dah lame tak menambahkan collection Evita Peroni i. For this Year i dint buy anything yet Evita Peroni Product so since i berkenan sgt2 yang amat sgt dgn satu Hair accesories tu i'm gonna buy it! yay sukenye saye! Gambar yg i suke tu tak leh copy but you guys can c evita peroni product at here
Well later i will show you all my collection of Evita peroni but unfortunately ade 2 hair clip yang i dah rosakan dan patah, huhuhu sedehnye saye mase itew. I bring it to Evita Peroni Boutique but they cannot fix it coz "major spoilt". Dulu i dah pernah antar fix kan tapi mase tu "minor spoilt". k whatever i will buy it soon!

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**@nne** said...

Wow nice to visit ur blog coz I'm also crazy in this brand. Come to share and visit myblog at
(oops! written in Thai, but I can reply to your comment)