Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Adam 5 month & 1st solid food!

First of all, alhamdulillah! adam 5 month old. hehehe... very funny when i first time feed him solid food. i give him gerber (very famous food among mother). for a first time i give him half portion of the bottle. okey let c adam 5 month milestone.
adam 5 month milestone:
  1. he can grasp or holding .

  2. he can touch his toe like picture below plus he loveeeeee.........to do that,naaaa...

  3. he love to roll his body (both direction back and forth) when i put him on my bed.

  4. start crawling (begining)! yay! mama loike!

  5. nanges bile kene tinggal sorang2 (Pandai tul, cam tau2 je)

  6. love watching TV

  7. love c mirror + membebel depan cermin (bahasa baby)

  8. always put his finger inside his mouth, hissyyhhh... sampai kecut2 jari.

  9. hisap baju, skang memang pakaikan bip 24 hours!

  10. Drag objects toward himself

  11. selalu bangun awal pagi lately n kacau mama n baba tido.

  12. he like to stand on my tummy and of course baba tummy as well.

  13. last but not least, adam officially eat solid food, :)


mama ryan said...

yey!!! dah pandai mamam solid food dah... congrate dear...

tp yg x tahan tu.. poop2 dia busyuk!!!!!!!!!!

mrs noba said...

adam sudah makan solid?
cute gbr dia pegang bottle gerber tuh!
mcm angkat berat...

yaya said...

yaya to mama ryan:
hehe, tq. ha tu la yg i dengar betul ke dah mkn solid food nanti dia poop busyuk? hayo! abis la kalo poop dlm kete, kene la tukar pampers cpt2kan....

yaya to mrs noba:
Yup adam officially eat solid food, hehhe i pun suke gambar dia pegang botol gerber tu cam angkat berat je kan...