Friday, March 7, 2008

our 1st anniversary

happy 1st anniversary! alhamdulillah... i and hubby already 1 year as a husband and wife, how ever, our journey still long and a lot of thing to do, to plan, to upgrade, and my hubby i really2 love and happy with you and deep inside my heart you are the greatest husband and we (me & adam) feel grateful to Allah s.w.t because we have u.

oh ya! the cake picture above is a share cake between our(me n b) 1st anniversary and my mom birthday, my mom birthday 1st march meanwhile our anniversary 3rd march. so on 2nd march i went to my mom house, just want to surprise her and share "the happy momment" for us.

3/3/2008 - monday

well, we not working on that day and of course to celebrate our special day. first, i asked hubby where we will go? hubby said " tengoklah, mana2 pun bleh, we go to habib ampang point first". wah!.... berbunga-bunga hati saya. heheh.. sebab dulu i pernah ckp ngan hubby yg i nak bracelet or bangle white gold to complete my white gold set. yeh! finally i get it and hubby thanks ya. tergezut saya..............

tengokla tangan saya tetiba jadi berat, ngeeeee......

after that we straight went to pavilion as usual my favourite place for shopping ( sorry, klcc jatuh tangga ke 2 skang). we reached there betul2 lunch our and perut dah nyanyi2 and we decide to eat at tony roma's coz berape kali nak try mkn asyik delay so why not cuba ari ni. hmmm b order Bountiful Beef Ribs and i lupe plak ape name yg i order , yg penting sgt la sedap dan perut saya kekenyangan, adeh camne nak shopping ni perut dah berat...

at tony roma's, pavilion

hubby order Bountiful Beef Ribs

my choice sangat la sedap dan juicy

dah get use mkn camni sejak ada anak

sometime people said, celebtare your anniversary berdua je, but for us we don't mind bring adam even though we can leave adam at home with mia (our maid). hubby yg lagi beriya-iya suruh bawa adam and of course la i suke. yah, because of our love adam exist, so adam should share dis happiness.

selepas kekenyangan menikamati makanan di tony roma's, hubby ajak gi Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa at pavilion. spa ni menyedia ikan untuk makan kaki anda, hehe...actually the fish eat death skin. yang paling best i bleh bawa adam dok skali kat kawasan treatment tu dan pekerja diorang sangatla peramah and sporting. well the picture below tell everything.

the first 10 second sangatla geli, tangok la muke saya menahan, ces... ikan ni cam gigit urat geli plak

enjoy the treatment!

sempat la breast feed si en. dadam

ikan ni cam 100 tahun tak makan

wah... banyaknye ikan gi kat kaki b....

budak botak si en. kodam!

below is some information about kenko reflexology and fish spa:

Located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur's main shopping area, the Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa employs Kangal, or "doctor" fish, to nibble at the dead skin on customers' hands and feet before they are massaged with special oils.
Currently, both male and female customers share the fish pool, but from next month, Kenko will offer private rooms for women with tanks big enough to immerse their whole body into.

after finish our treatment at kenko spa, we went to swatch boutique and of course i bought sumthing for hubby since dia suke sgt jam tangan, he choose the latest design as below:

bergaya dengan jam baru...

wah... terus simpan jam guess dlm kotak swatch...

seterusnya, aktiviti we all hanyalah shopping sampai keletihan..... pukul 9.45 pm baru tiba rumah.

hubby bought United colors of benetton bag for me, thanks b!

unbelievable! hubby bought "hilly bag" for me which is make my heart melted like chocolate, thanks b eventhough pricey.

inside hilly bag hv a compartment for laptop

i bought issey miyake perfume for hubby

fore head thermometer, and cap for muhammad adam

shirt and jeans from adam kids for little cutie muhammad adam

adam punye lagi... poney!

adam duduk atas pico, kesian singa itew..

hubby and adam

update about adam

  • he already 3 month...

  • learn and keep trying to turn left and right

  • manyak sgt (mcm dlm video yg i upload dulu)

  • always put his finger inside his mouth

  • saliva meleleh cam water fall ( gugur byk rambut saya skang)

  • makin kuat menyusu...

  • dah kenal nama bile org panggil "adam...."

tengok la tummy adam (diapers baby)

learn how to turn left and right

ape tgk saye ha?

i feel happy! wo hoooo....

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hi hoping from somebody blog...
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