Wednesday, February 27, 2008

hubby feet treatment

last saturday, we went to ampang point to do feet treatment. i asked hubby to do first because he got feet problem, ayo! b punye heel byk cracked. at first b don't want to do but i force him to do the treatment, yah he should do plus now they have promotion price. so hubby do first and feel it then i will do later some more i got no feet problem. it about 50 min hubby do the treatment. the feet treatment shop name DR. SOHO FOOT. the service is good and the product also good. well maybe people out there should try especially for those who have feet problem. even pekerja dia pun friendly and offer me to do free sementara tunggu hubby mula2 tu kan. tapi dia takdelah bagi free for the whole treatment, she just do basic treatment for me, well considered ok...the price pun considered ok for me, rm65 per treatment. so hubby enjoy the treatment, i and adam go shopping yah at the same time i want to find something for irfan (sanko & mira son) for his 1st birthday. ermm...... dah setahun dah umur si irfan. adam still look small and baby.

wah... hubby enjoy the treatment

adam: baba, adam also want to do the treatment

baba: adam no need, baba ni ha, kaki dah macam ogre...

sampai tertido-tido adam menunggu baba habiskan treatment

after finish the tretment, we signed up as member + we bought 1 set of dr soho treatment. the price is rm 280 and the treatment set consist callus removal of course to remove callus and it can smooth and soften your skin, skin soften gel is like a scrub can effectively exfoliate rough, dry skin, calluses and corn while helping to bring new skin to the surface. repair lotion will helps heal and repair dry, cracked heels and skin, well not bad. so u can try!

1 set dr soho and i bought extra repair lotion at only RM31 (Normal price for single bottle repair lotion is RM80)

1 set dlm beg

Boring tunggu hubby buat treatment i and adam jln2 gi mom care, as usual mesti ada terbeli barang adam.

romper at mom care

green romper from mom care also

shoe for birhday boy (muhammad irfan), dah tak tau nak pilih ape

taraaaa... dah bungkus

oh ya! malam jumaat ari tu adam baca yasin dengan hubby, pandai sungguh dia, focus 100%. before tu merengek- rengek kat katil pastu b angkat dia dok sekali baca yasin, senyap pulak sepanjang b baca yasin, adam pun baca sekali. good boy anak mama!

yaasin, wal kuran nil hakim... adam dah pandai baca yasin

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