Thursday, January 24, 2008

how adam exist...hehehe


This pic when we at dunkun donut and paparazi
caught this pic which is our close friend "petipeto"

hahah i still remember maseni we all ade shooting at ikea so dating + work

engagement day -18/11/2006

nikah 3/3/2007

my wedding ceremony

huh when remember back, penat sgt jadi pengantin ni even though hotel prepare everything coz pagi tu nikah then terus rush ke hotel 4 rehearsal then terus siap2 utk mlm tu. i request ngan manager hotel to put roses petal at my room and bath room, to make our room romantic for that night, at last habis je our ceromony naik atas dua2 sakit kepala, gedegang tido terus..............zzzzz...

dah tak larat nak senyum, sampai 3 cameraman tak tau nak pandang yg mana, anyway i like melati puteh service (camera)


the greatest momment, pregnant!.
9 month already and adam always kicking day and night and adam pop out early 1 week (8 days actually) from the due date.

hubby said i am the most beautiful pregnant women, hehhehe, thanks b!

my first touched to my beloved adam

muhammad adam, mama love u very2 much and we (mama & baba) hope that you will be very good son.

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