Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1st family outing

hai out there! this is the only time i can throw all my word to this blog b4 i start work next week. i am very sure that i will be very busy with my work nanti. even masa pregnant adam dulu pun kesana kesini buat event some more organized concert, international event etc... huh sometime i can't believed with my energy, actually i forced my self to do all the work + maybe i love with my work as well. k let c my first family outing pictures....

mama & baba cepat la, adam dah get ready ni...

Biasalakan bila nak kuar gi mana2 mesti anak disiapkan dulu so adam terpaksalah duduk dlm cot dia and play with his toys. hah... by the way the blue giraff yg peluk adam tu is a gift from auntie jazz (mama best frnd mase kat uitm dulu). Thank you auntie jazz!

This is the 1st time adam sit in his stroller. well he look okey!

we went to pavilion, well mase ni we all baru je keluar dr butik mother care and bought his shirt (rompers). adam ni ade satu perangai yg baru we all identified which is dia akan okey dan duduk dgn baik dlm stroller bile his stroller moving then bile berhenti dia merengek2 and if lame sgt berhenti he will cry. than camne nak shopping tgk brg2. ayo... pelik la adam ni, but lucky if he sleep inside his stroller than it will be ok. that y gambar kat atas tu baba carried adam, because he cried and somemore dia poo rupenya. so kelam kabut kitaorg cari nursing room coz takut punggung adam merah2 nanti coz his skin sensitive.

baba, could u pls help me take that tissue

lucky nursing room at parkson is empty however the best part is wet tissue to wipe adam tertinggal kat kereta coz b4 enter pavilion tadi adam poo inside the car so ntah camne ntah tertinggal dlm kereta. so berlari la pergi beli wet tissue kat parkson lucky nearby je. hhmm... this is the 1st experience as a parent bawa anak kuar jln2 so tak biasa lagi la kot. n adam plak asyik poo ari tu, tak tau nape, but i makan okey je takde yg pedas2 yg membuatkan dia diarrhea. well may be it normal 4 him, 3 time poo 4 one day.

if u guys notice, adam terus pakai baju baru yg we all bought at pumkin patch boutique. u know why? because this is 3rd time adam tukar baju coz kotor kene najisnya itu ckit and kotor kene makanan yg we all makan kat food court tadi. kelam kabut tul kan. ayo.... it really2 experience 4 us. i dun know wether should i call good or bad experience, however it a nice experience... and adam breast feed mcm lapar sgt sedangkan dia dah breast feed 1 jam yg lepas...

baba: adam, next time pls don't make us panic like just now.

adam: i'm sorry but i just hungry and uncomfortable that y i cried....

adam photo inside stroller

my little cutie

rompers we bought from pumpkin patch

rompers from mother care, no sales and discount at mothercare but baba insist to buy it...

so well dah penat jln2 until i bought new sandals at bata coz kaki lenguh sgt jln2 and at the same time dah lame tak pakai kasut tinggi, nah amik terus bali sandal baru kat bata, ok la cantik harga pun ok sixty something if i not mistaken.... we had our tea break at food court again, we all suke food court kat pavilion nih, coz byk choice. baba order teh tarik and roti bakar kat kedai jual roti tu ntah ape name ntah, i lupe. yg penting sedap...... some more bleh dok rest jap coz pasni nak sambung shopping lagi.

adam, mama and baba luv u so much....

baba said "hey! don't look up". i also dun now what we are looked at?

finally i manage to get satu seluar yg ok 4 me from edmunser

oh my god! adam poo again inside the car when we on the way back home.

sorry mama, i just feel like i want to poo....


actually takde pape pun yg we all beli at sunway pyramid, ntah la rasa cam boring plak sunway pyramid some more this is the first time i pegi after sunway renovated jadi besar, however i though it really bigger after renovated rupenya takdelah besar sgt pun. mase dlm pantang ari tu dgr all my frenz ckp yg sunway pyramid dah habis renovate and besar. so i tak sabar la nak gi however it out from what i expect. we just had our dinner at chicken hartz coz baba choose to dinner d ctu. ha lagi satu, chicken hartz pun dah tak brape best cam dulu. food and ambience tak same cam mase restaurant die kat atas dulu.

amboi, cedapnye baba makan

jom kite balik......... tgk tu adam cbuk angkat kepala dia cam budak dah besar, actually baru one and half month baru. k sayonara....

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